What is Integrative Acupuncture mean?

Integrative Acupuncture means as we view people as complete persons and work towards integrating the entirety to maximize the wellness of a person; get their “Qi” properly balanced and moving. This is one of the basic concepts of Chinese Medicine.

Next, we know that most people have several healthcare modalities and providers. We work with other modalities to get the best of Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine.

I am stressed out from work and family commitments. Can Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help?
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine helps balance and regulate the energy (Qi) of the body. In doing so patients find it very relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing. Many people fall asleep during their treatment. Also, this increases as treatments and regular use of herbs, and slight life style changes.
I am continually catching my children’s illness, which goes around school. Can Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help?
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help build up and fortify your immune system. Patients say they are sick less often, and when they catch something passes through them quicker than without acupuncture and herbs. The best way to avoid getting sick is building up your system before you get sick. I recommend making an appointment for a consultation.
I am feeling like I am catching a bug. What should I do?
Call the clinic to make an appointment as soon as you feel ill. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can assist your body in fighting off a cold/flu bug. The sooner you come, the less the chances of the bug can get deeper into your system.
I am suffering from Anxiety, Depression and/or Stress. Can Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help?
Yes. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine looks at mental emotional problems as a Shen (loosely translates as Spirit) disturbance. We look at possible imbalances in the body, which are an underlying cause. Typical, we address the issue by balance the excess/deficient condition in the body.
I have strain/sprain with a huge bruise? What should I do? Can Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help?

Please call and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Yes. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help decrease your recovery time and helping your body relax, reduce pain & inflammation, increase blood circulation.  This is done with a combination of acupuncture and herbs.

I have a torn ACL. I know I need surgery. Can Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help?
Yes. There are Chinese herbs and acupuncture points, which can clear Qi and Blood stagnation, which are the causes of pain from a Chinese Medicine view. Post-surgery there acupuncture protocols to help the body mend it as well as specific Chinese herbal formulas to speed up recovery time.
I have a knee and hip replacement. I want to go on vacation that will require lots of Walking. Can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help?
Yes. Using a combination of acupuncture, topical liniments, massage, and specific stretches and exercises we can get you in shape for your trip.
I have Osteoarthritis. Can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help?
There are specific Chinese Medicine formulas to use in combination to acupuncture to reduce the pain from osteoarthritis. It doesn’t stop it, but we help stop it from stopping you.
I have gone to an Orthopedist, and Chiropractor. Should I come see you too?
We have an integrative clinic, so we believe in working with other modalities. What we need is consent to talk to your other modalities.
I am suffering from “hot flashes”, night sweating, insomnia, and agitation. I think I am perimenopausal. Can Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help?

Yes, acupuncture and herbs can help reduce if not completely eliminate these symptoms. It will take a roughly 6 to 8 session in 30 days to get a grip on it.

Typically this is a Yin deficiency with a Yang excess pattern. There are a couple of variations on this theme, so you will need to come in for examination to get the correct diagnosis. 

I am suffering from PMS, headaches, and bad cramps. Can Chinese herbs and Acupuncture help?
This is an area of health, which Chinese medicine excels. Please come in for a consultation and examination. You will need to come in for one to two complete cycles to insure we get the correct diagnosis. Also, once we start working the patterns start to change in your body, so we need to adjust accordingly.