In today’s society, acupuncture is becoming more and more prevalent due to the increased health benefits it offers. While some may still be weary to try out this Chinese method of improving the human body, we are releasing that stigma in Los Gatos, California by turning new customers into lifetime ones with our outstanding services. One practice we utilize at HPI Acupuncture is Moxibustion. Moxibustion is exercised for those who have a more serious condition, with the goal being to relieve patients from pain or debilitating illnesses. Moxibustion has been a practice used for thousands of years and here’s a little more about it:

What is it?

As previously mentioned, Moxibustion is a form of acupuncture. Within this practice, a Chinese herb by the name of Mugwort, or Artemisia Vulgaris is used by being burned on or near the skin. Here at HPI, we use a moxa stick or box to apply the treatment. As the herb is burned, heat is applied to the areas of the body in need. When deeper penetration becomes necessary, the herb can be placed onto the top of an acupuncture needle, applying more intense heat to the area. Besides treatment of the affected area, Moxibustion, has with all forms of acupuncture, have an end goal of bringing the body back to balance or qi.

Who benefits from it?

Moxibustion has multiple benefits to offer you. Not only has it been proven to aid in the reduction of pain, but it can also help to reduce side effects caused by arthritis in joints. Additionally, Moxibustion can be used for specific debilitating conditions. When certain medications or acupuncture is not applicable for the patient, then Moxibustion is usually the considered treatment. Whether you think this may be an option for you or not, ask our professional acupuncturists about Moxibustion and see what possibilities there are for your specific medical needs and the benefits it can bring to you.

Overall, Moxibustion can be used as an amazing alternative when trying to rid the body of ailments or extreme conditions. Before deciding whether or not this seems like the right treatment for you, set up a free consultation with us so that we can get to know you and your problem areas better to ensure the most benefit from our services. We believe wholeheartedly in the practices we conduct and we’re excited to show you what Moxibustion has to offer.

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