Testimonials | Best Acupuncturist Los Gatos CA

I’ve had chronic back pain for sixteen years. Years of taking Advil (sometimes up to 8-12 pills per day), various prescription drugs, pain level always a minimum of five out of ten every single day. Saw a great chiropractor for a year and got minimum relief. I’ve seen Dan Hingle for acupuncture three times now and I am PAIN FREE. ZERO pain. None. It’s a miracle.

Thank you, Dan. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If you’re in pain or have health issues, and you’re afraid of needles (like my tiny little freak out at his office today, lol), there are needle-less options, too!!!

Elizabeth S.

I have been seeing Dan Hingle for nearly two years now and I have to see he is the best acupuncturist in the area. Not only does he listen to what I want, but understands the human body, how to nurture and care for it and regain health through different forms of Chinese Medicine. I would highly recommend his services, and what a kind hearted gentleman too. So wonderful and fun to work with.

Kate M.

Dan is an excellent acupuncturist, and I highly recommend his services!

Emily A.

For the second time, Dan has treated me with amazing results. Each time my back has rendered me incapable of any sort of functioning or even walking. Beyond any and all expectations, I have been restored to a completely normal state, in less than 24 hours. Prior to his treatment, I had little faith in Acupuncture. Clearly Dan has found his gifts.

Rob C.

I went to Dan with chronic migraines – after treatment with Dan I had immediate lasting relief!

Susan O.

Dan is the only one I let stick needles in me.

Dan A.

I wouldn’t let just anybody stick a bunch of needles in me or my child, but if I can trust anybody, it’s Doctor Dan, I’m certain.

Paul R.

He’ll fix ya!… ask for the special ‘Cups’. Those are my favorite.

John J.

A kind, compassionate man, Dan is an excellent doctor (L.Ac). He is committed to being his for his patients. I highly recommend his services.

Joseph S.