acupunctureWhile there is no quick and easy way to lose weight, some people have found that acupuncture treatments administered by a trained acupuncture professional have brought them success in their weight loss goals. Acupuncture may also improve a person’s metabolism by burning more calories at a faster rate. However, before including acupuncture in your weight loss program, learn more about the technique and how it works to control hunger.

1.    Use acupuncture treatments in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise to lose weight. When used as a component of an overall weight loss program, acupuncture may help to speed weight loss by promoting a state of well-being that results in increased energy and decreased appetite. However, keep in mind that the rate of weight loss varies among individuals.

2.    Talk to a board certified acupuncturist about how long using acupuncture can aid in a weight loss program. You may also want to consult with a medical doctor trained in acupuncture techniques to get a better understanding of the procedure. Tiny needles are inserted into the upper part of the outer ear. Needles may also be inserted at other points on the body, the locations of which depend on the causes for a persons weight gain.

3.    Find out into what areas of the body other than the ear acupuncture needs can be inserted. Acupuncturists usually choose a number of appropriate acupuncture points including the stomach, lung, kidney, thyroid, ovary and spleen when helping a person to lose weight.

4.    Ask for how long an acupuncture session usually lasts. Painless needles, which are about the thickness of human hair, are usually inserted to just below the surface of the skin where they are left in place for about 20 to 30 minutes.

5.    Inquire about any potential risks or side effects. Acupuncture is generally safe, but some people experience a temporary drop in blood pressure following treatment. Like other medical treatments, acupuncture needles should be sterilized to prevent infection. In rare cases, people experienced an allergic reaction to the stainless steel needles.

6.    Discuss how inserting needles in the ear stimulates the release of endorphins, which reduce anxiety and stress, preventing overheating caused by emotional eating. Depending on the other acupuncture points selected, the goal may be to improve metabolism by stimulating thyroid and endocrine glands to speed a slow metabolism. In turn, this will stabilize blood sugar levels to help curb food cravings. Acupuncture for weight loss may also target digestion, so you get the nutrients you need from the food you eat and make you feel less hungry.

Not all medical doctors might accept the merits of acupuncture as an alternative method for weight loss, although some now agree that any treatment that helps an overweight patient achieve her weight goal is worth a try, especially if there are no potentially dangerous side effects. That said, make sure that you get your acupuncture treatment from a reputable and certified acupuncturist San Jose to ensure a safe procedure with the best possible results.