acupuncture treatmentBecause of the many positive things that we have been hearing about acupuncture, many of us are now looking to try out this ancient medicine. Unfortunately, a few are unable to do so, usually because they cannot and it is not covered by their health insurance. The good news is that there is actually something that you can do, and get your insurance company to pay for it. Below are a few things to try out.

Tips On How To Insure Acupuncture Treatment

1.    Write to your insurance company and your employer — If you have an insurance plan that does not cover acupuncture, one of the best things that you can do is to write a letter to your insurance company, as well as to your Human Resources if you can receive insurance benefits through your employer. Your insurance company can make changes at the next renewal of your policy or risk losing your business, and usually your employer is involved in choosing the benefits included in a corporate-sponsored insurance policy.

2.    Encourage co-workers and friends to write letters — If you receive insurance benefits through your employer, this is especially important because you need to let your company know that there is a high demand for acupuncture coverage among its employees. With big numbers of employees touting the benefits of acupuncture and asking for it to be a covered service, an employer is more likely to research on acupuncture and consider adding it to the company insurance plan.

3.    Get involved with acupuncture activism — Getting involved with acupuncture activism can be as simple as signing your name to a petition to join acupuncturists and acupuncture supporters for demonstration rallies. Browse online for any upcoming events and government affairs that relate to the practice of acupuncture, and contact them for more information on how you can be of help.

4.    Talk to your acupuncturist — If your insurance company puts restrictions on the acupuncture coverage on your policy, it would be best that you talk to your acupuncturist. They might be of help in navigating you through the confusing world of acupuncture and insurance, and even potentially help you get coverage for additional treatments. You can contact your local acupuncture clinic for any help communicating with your insurance company or understanding your benefits.

5.    Change your insurance policy or company — If you buy your own insurance, it might be relatively simple for you to change your individual policy, add coverage for alternative medicine, or even switch your insurance company. If you receive insurance through your employer, talk to your Human Resources representative to find out if there are other plan types for you to choose from. Most insurance policies, however, are bought annually and can only be changed during open enrollment periods and annual renewal.

Choose A Reliable Acupuncturist

And once you have secured that your insurance company now covers your acupuncture treatments, it is now time to get yourself acupuncturists to get the treatments done to you. Make sure that their acupuncture clinic has established a reputation of giving high quality service to their clients.